Our history

10 August 2022 2022-08-10 17:44

Our history

In the 13th century, Hugues IV de Neublans d’Antigny, count of Vienne, lord of Pymont and many other castles in the region, held the original castle.

The De Vienne family will hold the estate for 8 generations, until 1515.

Three other owners succeeded it until the 17th century when the castle was rebuilt by the De Grenelle family.

And it was around 1870 that the great-grandson, a friend of Lamartine, added a neo-Gothic wing and landscaped the park through which the Natouze flows.

The De Rivérieulx de Varax and De Goussencourt families will then succeed each other, until 2018 when Véronique De Goussencourt dies, childless, leaving behind 50 heirs.

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